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Salamanca, a World Heritage City.

La Rana de la Universidad de Salamanca. La tradición popular actual atribuye la visión de La Rana a la buena suerte...

Salamanca in the region of' target='_blank'>Castilla and Leon is universal, magnificent, wise, young, golden and one of the interior destinations of Spain worthwhile for many reasons.

Catedral Vieja de Salamanca

Patrimony of Humanity . Salamanca is exceptional and unique. UNESCO recognized the importance of this old city, declaring it Patrimony of Humanity. The Plaza Mayor, the university, the clergy, cathedrals, the Seashell House…the list of monuments, houses and palaces is extensive, so do not be in hurry; slowly enjoy them.

Universidad de Salamanca

Center of Knowledge. A university city by excellence: The University of Salamanca was the founded in Spain and is one of the oldest in Europe. In its period of splendor the university was considered the head of European universities. Many great intellects, artists, and writers have passed through this university.

Salamanca, Conjunto histórico artístico (Foto por

Young spirit. Salamanca has a rich history but is also modern, diverse, and dynamic. Salamanca’s nightlife is famous throughout all of Spain. Students give life and movement to this city twenty-four hours a day.

Plaza Mayor de Salamanca

The golden city. Salamanca is beautiful both day and night, but above all at sunset. It is when the sun transforms into a golden color and strikingly radiates onto the city monument: The Piedra of Villamayor.


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Visit some historical suburbs:

Rodrigo Village (90 km from city of Salamanca), declared Historical-Artistic Area, is a famous fortification plaza located in the west of the province of Salamanca. The walls enclose a rich patrimony of religious and civil buildings, highlighted by a cathedral and castle.

Ciudad Rodrigo

Ledesma (35 km from the city of Salamanca): Gaze at the castle, temples, and stately dwellings which are dispersed among the ancient Bletisama while you look for the shield of the famous knight: Don Beltrán of the Cueva We recommend you walk into to the village’s main plaza where you will pass the old walls made for the Church of Santa María la Mayor. This plaza also preserves an historical noble’s house which makes it still easy to observe traces of the medieval era.

Montemayor of the River (89 km from the city of Salamanca), beautiful medieval village located on a slight promontory dominated by a magnificent castle. This castle protected the access from Extremadura via the nearby Roman Road of Silver and the eponymous Cañada Real.

Iglesia y Castillo de Montemayor del Río, Salamanca

La Alberca (96 km from city of Salamanca) was the first rural population declared as a National Historical Monument. A walk through historical downtown allows you to see the traditional flavour of the houses and streets. The main plaza, a square surrounded by an arcade, continues to be the center of social life for the locals. The most representative religious building is the 18th century Church of the Assumption.

La Alberca, Salamanca


Prepare yourself for an enjoyable adventure to discover spectacular landscapes and places.

Béjar, Salamanca

Snow-capped peaks of the Sierra de Béjar (Reserve of the Biosphere less than one hour from the city of Salamanca), deep valleys etched within the Arabs of Duero Natural Park, green and yellow seas of grain, mysterious and shady forests, a land of a clear horizons, winding mountain valleys, small crystal streams and majestic river currents; all beauties of nature the traveller can enjoy while walking though this area.



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