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Monuments Jaén

Cathedral of Jaen

Plaza de Santa María

23002 Jaén

Tlf: 95 323.42.33


Tourist Information about Cathedral of Jaen Jaén Built between the mid-16C and late 17C from plans by Andrés de Vandelvira, this is one of the finest examples of Andalucian Renaissance architecture. The extraordinary main facade is like a palace.

Monuments Jaén

Arab Baths

Plaza de Santa Luisa de Marillac

23004 Jaén

Tlf: 95 323.62.92


Uncovered in 1913 under the palace of the Count of Villardompardo, these are the largest remaining baths in Spain. A magnificent restoration has brought back to life the near architectural perfection of the building.

Monuments Jaén

Diputación Provincial Palace



Built in 1870 by Jorge Porrúa and finished by Justino Flores, is the most significant building of the Civil contemporánea architecture.

Monuments Jaén

San Lorenzo Arc



Is the only vestige that left from the ancient Church of San Lorenzo (XIII-XIV Century).

Castels Jaén

Castle of Santa Catalina

Carretera al Castillo

23004 Jaén


The large shape of the former Arab fortress, which was transformed by St Ferdinand III after the reconquest of Jaén, stands at the top of St Catherine's Hill, still ready, it would seem, to see off the enemy.

Castels Jaén

Route of the Castle

Jaén, Andújar, Arjona, Arjonilla, Baños de la Encina, Torredelcampo, Torredonjimeno, Porcuna, Vilches, Linares, Lopera, La Carolina, Alcaudete, Martos, Bailén

Tlf: 893


Route of Castles in Jaén province.

Churches and Convents Jaén

Capilla de San Andrés

C/ San Andrés

23004 Jaén


This Mudéjar chapel with 16C Judaic touches was ordered by the treasurer of Pope Leon X, Gutierre González Doncel. Its façade is immaculately white and hides a true architectural treasure, the chapel of La Purísima Inmaculada.

Churches and Convents Jaén

San Ildefonso Church

C/ Ignacio Figueroa

23001 Jaén

Tlf: 95 319.03.46


The largest church in the town after the cathedral. With 14 and 15C Gothic style, it has three portals: one is Gothic, another one is renaissance and the last, neo-classical, dates back to the 18C.

Churches and Convents Jaén

Real Monasterio de Santa Clara

Plaza de San Agustín

23004 Jaén


A superb cloister is found in this 13C monastery. The church contains an unusual 16C statue of Christ made out of bamboo.

Museums Jaén

Museo Provincial

Paseo de la Estación 29

23008 Jaén

Tlf: 95 325.06.00


The portals to the main building (1920) come from the old 16C grain store, as the reliefs of a bread basket show, and St Michael's Church, also from the 16C.

Churches and Convents Jaén

Magdalena Church



Is the most ancient church of the city. It was buil on and ancient mosque. Refurbished by Andrés de Vandelvira.

Squares Jaén

Santa María Square



The Religion and pollitiall center of the capital is located ion Santa María Square. Here you will find the city council and de Palacio Episcopal, built in XX.

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