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Theatre Seville (8)


Maestranza´s Theater

Paseo de Colón s/n

41001 Sevilla

Tlf: 95 422.33.44


La Maestranza is one of the biggest theatres in Spain that was designed for all types of performances. It has a sound system specifically for operas and symphony orchestras and a magnificant stage for dance.

La Fundición

C/ Habana, nº 18



Very cosy room located near the Cathedral of Seville. Do not wait for more and come to enjoy last works and performances. Comedies, dramas, monologues... etc.


Isla de la Cartuja s/n

41092 Sevilla

Tlf: 95 446.08.80


The Teatro Central, next to the river, is considered to be one of the most vanguardistic theatres. It has a circular stage and depending on the type of play the seating and capacity can vary.


Crédito 13

41002 Sevilla

Tlf: 95 438.83.12


The Alameda theatre is the only public theatre in Andalucía for children. They have annual programmes that include theatre, school and an international puppet festival.

Sala La Imperdible

Plaza San Antonio de Padua 9

41002 Sevilla

Tlf: 95 438.82.19


This independent theatre in Seville features short films every Tuesday at 10pm. As part of its programme it also has a open night once a month in which the public can show their own short films.

Sala Cero

Miguel Cid 67

41002 Sevilla

Tlf: 954 902736


This theatre promotes shows and companies that may not have been accepted by other more mainstream theatres due to their content or style.

Lope de Vega

Avda. de Maria Luisa s/n

41013 Sevilla

Tlf: 954590853


The Teatro Lope de Vega, opposite the Parque Maria Luisa, is the centre of theatre activity in Seville, staging performances by the most important national theatre companies.

Tickets sale of Lope de Vega Theatre of Seville



Sale of tickets of the Lope de Vega theatre of Seville by the Web page of generaltickets, of the bank Caja San Fernando.

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