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C/Álvarez Quintero, 45


Tlf: 954 560 000


Guests can taste and enjoy luxury asian cuisine right in the heart of Seville in our Japo restaurant at any time of the day. A Modern, cosmopolitan, colourful and unique atmosphere awaits you.


Alameda de Hércules 54

41002 Sevilla

Tlf: 95 490.82.68


Badulaque is a meeting point where the nice atmosphere combines with the warm decoration, the dedicated attention and the home cooked food. The kitchen includes from exotic pizzas, pastas and salads to international or vegetarian dishes and breakfast.

Restaurant San Marco

Cuna 6

41004 Sevilla


The inheritance of different cultures merges into the decorative splendor of this restaurant, that occupies the old stables of a Sevillian stately house of the 17th century. Roman classic motifs, Renaissance ornaments and the splendor of the colors

Restaurant San Marco

Baños 3

41002 Sevilla


Next to the the Gavidia and San Lorenzo squares, some decorative ingredients of a veneciano style can be found.
In the Restaurant colors of a dark tonalities predominate on a limited space loaded with decorative elements.

Restaurant San Marco

Edificio Viapol Center s/n

41005 Sevilla


We have created for you a new restaurant in the city, pleasant, suggestive and with a new vanguardist concept.
It will seduce you for its design and originality
You will experience the pleasure of the music playing.

Restaurant San Marco

Mesón del Moro 8

41004 Sevilla


Podrá degustar nuestros platos basados en la Cocina
Italiana, con el sello característico de San Marco. En este marco incomparable escribió Quevedo
su obra, El Buscón.

Restaurant San Marco

Betis 68

41010 Sevilla


Ofrece grandes posibilidades de selección, tanto en platos tradicionales como otros exclusivos, que satisfacen la más exquisita demanda.

Restaurant San Marco

Santo Domingo de La Calzada 5

41018 Sevilla


El tradicional estilo de San Marco realzado por la fuerza creadora del Sur. El resultado es un ambiente único para disfrutar de sus momentos de intimidad, así como para celebrar sus reuniones de trabajo y familiares.

"... en la Casa de Abdul"

Virgen de Luján, 54 Los Remedios

41011 Sevilla

Tlf: 954 280 469


This Moroccan restaurant, offers an
exquisite and traditional Moroccan food where you can share and enjoy of a pleasant atmosphere where the music and the decoration will transport you to discover new flavors.

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