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Squares CÁDIZ (3)


Plaza de España, La Alameda

Plaza de España



The Alameda in Medina Sidonia is located in Plaza de España.

Square of the Flowers

Plaza de las Flores s/n

11005 Cádiz


The «Square of the Flowers» is the popular name for the Topete square. Florists, cafes and boutiques make it one of the liveliest squares. Several busy commercial streets run off it such as Columela street and Compañía street.

Plaza del Cabildo

Plaza del Cabildo

11630 Arcos de la Frontera


Photos Plaza del Cabildo CÁDIZ The high steeple of the Church of St Mary stands on this square which is the heart of the old part of Arcos. It is also home to the town hall, and the parador.

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