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Natural areas HUELVA (16)


Doñana Natural and National Park

21730 Mazagón, Aznalcázar, Almonte, Hinojos, Matalascañas


The Doñana National Park is a mosaic of ecosystems. The diverse surroundings make it rich with ecological wealth that covers a natural area of 507,200 hectares.

Sierra de Aracena Natural Park

21200 Almonaster la Real, Cortegana, Aracena, Aroche, Fuenteheridos, Zufre, Linares de la Sierra, Santa Olalla del Cala, Alájar, Galaroza, Jabugo

Tlf: 959 12.84.75


Tourist Information about Sierra de Aracena Natural Park HUELVA This natural park has a surface area of 184,000 hectares that is shared between 28 municipal areas. Beautiful meadows of evergreen oaks and cork trees and forests of chestnuts, as well as its high quality food, are just some reasons to visit this park.

Marismas del Odiel nature reserve

Huelva, Punta Umbría, Aljaraque


Tourist Information about Marismas del Odiel nature reserve HUELVA This park, famous for the conservation of its ecosystems is known as the Reserve of the Biosphere. Located at the mouth of the Odiel river, it is a migratory passage for thousands of birds.

Mining Area of Ríotinto

Minas de Riotinto, Berrocal, Campofrío, Granada de Río-Tinto (La), Nerva, Zalamea la Real


Tourist Information about Mining Area of Ríotinto HUELVA In the region of Las Minas one can travel on horse back between the Sierra de Aracena and Condado. Nerva, the mines of Rotinto, El Campillo, Zalamea la Real, Berrocal, La Granada de Riotinto and Campofrío are all contrasting towns within this region.

Natural place Marismas del Río Piedras y Flecha del Rompido

El Rompido - Cartaya, Punta Umbría


The active dynamics of the coast has conformed this singular sandy formation that is opened to the Atlantic Ocean from a virgin beach which is possible to accede thanks to the services of passage in boat which are located in beaches of Cartaya.

Natural Monuments of Huelva province.

Almonte, Santa Olalla del Cala


Tourist Information about Natural Monuments of Huelva province.  HUELVA These natural spaces and monuments in Huelva are renowned for their rare beauty and deserve official recognition.

Corta Atalaya

Minas de Riotinto


Tourist Information about Corta Atalaya HUELVA This is the largest opencast mine in Europe and undoubtedly the closest to perfection. The size of its ellipse: 1200m long, 900m wide and 350m deep astonishes all those who visit it.

Peña del Hierro

21670 Nerva


Photos Peña del Hierro HUELVA An ancient mine where it is still possible to see the houses of the employees. From here the view of the Cuneca Minera is absolutely breathtaking.

Cartaya Pinewood

El Rompido - Cartaya


12,000 hectares of pine located in 2 zones; to the north of the urban nucleus and to the east and the south of the Campo Común de Abajo. The pine groves count on a great micológica wealth. It is possible to take great amount of mushrooms.

Natural Place Marismas of Isla Cristina

Isla Cristina-Islantilla


One of the most important natural areas in the province of Huelva (declared Natural Setting in 1989). Most of this protected territory is constituted by mareales salt marshes, whose vegetation characterizes itself by its adaptations to saline means.

Dehesa del estero Domingo Rubio



One of the best conserved places and more attractive surroundings of Moguer, Pine of Dehesa del estero Domingo Rubio. Piñonero pine, scrub of rockroses, lentiscos, palmitos, jaguarzos... conform their landscape, inhabited by lizards...

Natural Place Laguna de las Madres



The Natural Place of the Lagunas de las Madres, and other smaller flooded zones, are located parallel to the marine coast and in the base of an old front to dunar that it prevents the natural drainage, giving to origin to turbosas interesting lagoons.

Enebrales Natural Place

Punta Umbría


Photos Enebrales Natural Place HUELVA Is a natural place that accompanies the beach in about three kilometers in length. One extends altogether on 162 hectares and on it is based a forest of pines, sabinas and junipers. The Cahamelon is present in this natural place.

Natural Reserve Portil Lagoon

Punta Umbría


Photos Natural Reserve Portil Lagoon HUELVA The LAGOON OF the PORTIL is, without a doubt, one of the landscapes star Punta Umbría, catalogued like Natural Reserve. Located in the limit with the municipal term of Cartaya, the lagoon extends on 15 hectares, 13 of which are protected.

Cabezo del Conquero



It is an elevation on which are based lanis marine: Quarters of the Carmen and the Colonies and in their slope the District of the Orden. It is one of the most outstanding places being the forced crossing site to visit the Sanctuary of the Cinta.

Source of Tinto River



To visit the source of the Tinto River will demand something of patience by our part, since it is not indicated by any site. The effort nevertheless, will be worth the trouble. We will be in a zone where the Earth seems to flow blood!

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