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Alozaina is a beautiful village situated away from the coast of the Costa del Sol, some 50 kilometres away from Málaga, Marbella, Ronda y Antequera, in the surroundings of the Biosphere Reserve of Sierra de las Nieves.

It has typically Andalucian architecture of beautiful whitewashed streets adorned with flowers and a parish church which domeinates the urban centre. It was acclaimed the most beautiful village in Spain in 1977..

Other places of interest situated immediately within the village are the Castle and uninhabited areas of Ardite and Jorox, the three being of mediaeval origin. In the farmlands of Los Hoyos de los Peñones there are a small church and a necropolis from the mozarab era.

Alozaina and its district, the Valle de Jorox, has cultivated splendid artesanical works since the times of their ancestors; there are still traditional trades in the district such as a forge.

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La Sierra de las Nieves

Charco Caldera

The Parque Natural Sierra de las Nieves has varying and original flora, where the Spanish Fir and the Portuguese Oak are abundant. At lower altitudes the most striking are the Holm Oak and the Cork Oak, and there are also small masses of carrob trees chestnut trees. Various protected species live here such as the Iberian Lynx, the Golden Eagle or the otter, there being few remaining examples of the latter species on the River Verde.

UNESCO recognised the exceptional nature of the region in 1995 by including the name of "Sierra de las Nieves y su Entorno" to the International List of Biosphere Reserves.