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This town of surprising and original beauty is a great tourist attraction. Most of its houses are caves dug into a mountain.

Setenil is of Roman origin and forms part of the Route of the White villages. Its present name comes from the Latin Septem-Nihil which means "Seven times nothing" which was the number of times the Christians unsuccessfully tried to conquer the Arabs.

Sentenil is incredible and unusual, justifying a slow and restful visit that allows one to contemplate its marvels.

It is famed for its wickerwork and items made of bulrush and brass. Sweets are handmade and the quince pudding is particularly good..

Setenil houses, in the rock!!.The surrounding countryside is particularly popular with hunters. It has a municipal swimming pool.

Map of Setenil de las Bodegas

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(36.86286, -5.18146)

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Sol Recomend:

- Hotel Almendral: Small hotel with 28 totally refurbished rooms ideal for a relaxing stay and all outdoor activities. You must not miss a visit to the village, (White Village of Cadiz) and where you can find the old cave dwellings.


Besides its streets and caves the following, with their artistic heritage, are of exceptional interest:

- The Castle, an Arab fortress.
- The Church of the Encamacion - 16th century, Gothic.
- The Town Hall, with Mudejar workmanship of the 16th century.
-The Chapel of San Sebastián . 16th century.
-The Chapel of Sra del Carmen - 18th century.
- Acinipo. Roman ruins.


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