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Monumento a la Fe Descubridora

Columbus Monument (Photo by Jose Cejudo) In Huelva there is something to suit any taste. You can admire the pedestrianised old town with it’s interesting heritage, gaze at the enormous remains of XIX Century industrial architecture, taste local cooking or stroll around English style cottages in the Obrero district.

A zone of particular natural interest due to the birds which come here, Huelva is without doubt the Analusian city most linked to the discovery of the Americas as Christopher Columbus lived in the nearby Rábida Monastery while preparing for his voyages and his crew came from Huelva and neighbouring Palos de la Frontera.

Although the city remains faithful to it’s maritime roots, in the XIX Century the English company Rio Tinto Ltd’s exploitation of the Rio Tinto Mines would mark the beginning of Huelva’s transformation into one of the most important industrial centres in the South of Spain. Imposing industrial constructions testify to this period of splendour.

Provincial Museum of Huelva. The Museums of Huelva document Christopher Columbus’ discoveries as well as the town’s Muslim heritage. The Museum of Huelva, deemed a site of cultural interest, exhibits various valuable finds in it’s archaeology section; for example collections from sites at La Zarita and El Pozuelo, Tartessian treasure from the necropolis at La Joya and a collection of objects from Roman mining activity.

Harbour city

The port’s Centre for Documentation and Data Retrieval is the point of departure for a tour along the banks of the Odiel River. In the Gardens del Muelle there is a monument to Alonso Sánchez, thought to be the, ‘pre-discoverer’ of the New World since he told Columbus of a route which the latter followed on his first voyage to the Indies.

Next to the former Zafra station, is the Plaza de Octubre which was designed for the Latin-American Exhibition in 1929 and the Las Canoas Pier, where boats leave for Punta Umbría and the Paraje Natural Marismas del Odiel.

Wharf of Riotinto Company After a small detour to admire the beautiful Neomudejar building the Estación de Sevilla, we return to the port area to see the 1,165 metre long Riotinto Pier, with it’s loading point, marking the end of the railway which transported copper from the mines to the city. From here we head to Monumento a Colón, in the Punta del Sebo; this colossal 20m tall statue was erected in 1929.

Historic Huelva

Madres Agustinas Convent The Plaza de las Monjas, one of the oldest squares in the city, houses the Convent of the Agustinas with it’s Mudejar patio, the Bank of Spain building and the Milagrosa Church, one of the only Neogothic buildings in the Province.

Great Theatre The prosperity of Huelva’s XIX Century upper class can definitely be seen in the old town in buildings like the Grand Theatre, with it’s impressive columns, built during this period.

Iglesia de la Concepción
It is worth adding a visit to the Nuestra Señora de la Concepción Church to this tour. This church is of cultural interest as it has a mixture of Mudejar and Baroque architecture and contains various valuable works by Zurbarán.


The festival of San Sebastián (January 20th), when palm hearts are traditionally eaten, kicks off Huelva’s festival calendar. This is followed by the unmissable Carnivals in February, the Semana Santa in April and then in May the colourful Cruces de Mayo (Crosses of May) celebrations.

Columbus festivities In the first week in August there is a festival in commemoration the Columbus’ departure (Fiestas Colombinas) which also marks the beginning of the city’s bullfight season. In September the statue of Nuestra Señora de la Cinta is transported from it’s shrine to the Cathedral. At the end of the summer there is a Tapas Fair and then in November one of the most important cultural events in Huelva since 1975 takes place: The Latin American Film Festival.


The strong point of cooking from Huelva is the fresh fish and sea food that is sold every day in it’s markets. For example in the popular Mercado del Carmen you can buy cuttlefish, shrimps, tiger prawns, shellfish… the list is endless. Tasty seafood dishes such as monkfish in white wine or skate with paprika, rich chacinas (cured pork sausages), fresh meat from the Andévalo and the Sierra Onubense and wines from the Condado de Huelva; are just some of the regional delicacies.

Map of Huelva City

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Andalusia Avenue

Bulevar de la Avenida de Andalucía The Andalusia Avenue is the main road in Huelva and forms part of the most modern zone of the city, where the University campus, sports centre and Flamenco Association of Huelva can all be found. In this area there are also many parks for example the Parque de la Esperanza or the Parque Alonso Sánchez, with it’s numerous statues.

The Merced square

Iglesia de San Pedro Round about the emblematic square, the Plaza de la Merced, are some of the city’s most characteristic monuments; this is the perfect place for lovers of art and culture to take a stroll.

Entorno a la plaza  de la Merced, donde se sitúa la iglesia, se encuentra la zona zona arqueológica de Cabezo de San Pedro. The San Pedro district right in the centre of the old town, is an area of significant archaeological finds. A necropolis dating from the Tartessian era was discovered at the small La Joya hill and provides evidence of the city’s first residents.
There are also the remains of a Medieval Castle to be found in the San Pedro Church; the oldest church in the city from the 15th or 16th century.

Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Merced The Plaza de la Merced is the best point from which to admire the magnificent Baroque Cathedral de Nuestra Señora de la Merced. A site of cultural interest and a national monument, this enormous temple has two bellfries protruding from the top of it’s unfinished towers. The Cathedral displays a wealth of objects including an oil painting of San Lorenzo.

El Conquero

View from Cabeza Conquero El Conquero is one of the most famous areas of Huelva. It is built on top of several small hills and therefore provides some of the most beautiful views of the city from it’s viewpoints.

Near Moret Park, with it’s numerous fruit trees and terraces, you can find the remains of 1st Century AD subterranean Roman aqueduct and four Tartessian burial mounds.

Santuario de Nuestra Señora de la Cinta The XIV Century Nuestra Señora de la Cinta Shrine sits on headland near Heulva and is a popular religious centre with it’s notable cloister and tiled walls depicting Columbus’ visit on his return from the Indies.

The “workers” district

From Plaza de Punto with it’s monument of Fandango, lots of streets head off into the Obrero (workers) District. One of these streets is Alameda Sundheim which was the residence of the colonial bourgeoisie at the end of the XIX Century and the site of the first football pitch in Spain. the Great Hotel Columbus, where the events of IV the Centenary of the Discovery of America were celebrated. At the present time it is used like Seat of the Festival of Latin American Cinema, lodges the Palace of Congresses, Exhibition halls...   You can also find the Colonial House, opened as a hotel in 1883 and now a modern Conference centre. Moreover the Queen Victoria District is a historic landmark due to it’s British architecture as it was built by the workers of the Rio Tinto Company.

[title]The Marismas del Odiel Nature ParkImage of a Garza (Ardea cinerea) at the Marsimas del Odiel. Leaving from the Canoas Pier, visitors can take a trip to the Marismas del Odiel Nature Park. A UNESCO Nature Reserve, the park spans 8,000 hectares around Huelva, Aljaraque, Gibraleón and Punta Umbría. It’s favourable position between Europe and Africa means that it is a popular site for migratory birds.

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